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Your Web Site

We build reliable and beautiful web sites that empower your visitors. While we design your website tailored to your needs and your identity we make sure that your visitor is at home, feels in charge and can easily get from A to B.

We deliver your web site search engine ready by optimizing as soon as we start building. We equip your web site with features that normally cost you extra. Fully customized or straight out of the box: any web site that we build comes wih generous after sales support.

Mobile devices

All our web sites are responsive. This means that they adapt themselves to the device of your visitor. These websites load fast and are Google friendly, users can navigate with a minimum of scrolling and surf with little use of memory.

As most web site visits are through tablets and smartphones, all our new designs are made mobile first.

If you want your current web site to adapt to the device of your visitor, we can help you out with a minimum of change so you can avoid a full redesign.

Site Systems


We use ModX to create a rock solid, custom CMS that we can style in any design of your choice.
Our preferred front end for the CMS engine is Bootstrap as it is fast, flexible and designed mobile first.


We do your WordPress site for you. We use clever, sturdy configurations and we customize themes and existing sites.
We also port your site into WP for you


For Web shops we typically use the best application around. Magento handles very small to very large scale enterprises. If you rather have a lighter application we fall back to Woocommerce on Wordpress

Content Wizardry

Content Optimization

Conversion requires clarity for visitors and search engines. Well written content follows the rules dictated by your target audience and your seo needs. Your content is 'seo okay' and you will not be penalized with low rankings for falling out of line.

Content Management

When you are short on a web master, we can manage the content on your web site. Your pages stay fresh, your visitors remain up to speed and your rankings won't suffer.

Not Least

SEO Services

Our SEO services range from basic improvements to ongoing   monitoring and improving performance.

Crash Recovery

Things collapse after you moved your site to a new location? Some simple changes and the site behaves bad or stopped working alltogether? It can happen to all of us, we'll get you out of the woods a s a p.


Your Site from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English. Good translation is not just covering your texts, it also asks for precise changes under the hood that are done with full awareness of your seo agenda.


Our Latest Work

Mandala Pottery

Mandala Pottery

This renowned Indian ceramics studio in Tamil Nadu presented themselves with a cms that was too patched and too complicated for the owners to operate. While being in constant need for costly updates due to security risks users faced compromises in looks and ineffective order procedures.

Abandoning the previous platform altogether, Webcrafts rewrote the entire website into a straight foreward Bootstrap site. The all new web site eliminates substantial recurring costs, is Easy to manage, much more secure and a breeze to update for the Mandala staff.

New features like downloadable catalogs, online ordering and a better product presentation improved effective usage and has created a satisfying user experience for Mandala's clientele.

Visit Mandala's website

Chiway Academy

Chiway Academy

Extending our long term relationsship, Chiway upgraded their cms. We made a truly fantastic website where efficiency and effectiveness of information exchange has increased many times over. The back end workload is significantly decreased. New functions that automatically connect and process various types of information allow for much faster content editing and content creation.

The Visitors enjoy an amazing interface with fast and extensive search and retrieve functions. Without reloading pages, any combination of information is quickly obtained. Retrieved information is presented in a highly accessible manner and remains customizable for further refining of given results.

Due to internal changes, Chiway decided to change web site policies; the website I created is now archived right here:

Visit the website

Practice: Praxis TCM

About Praxis TCM

Highly personalised and apt treatments in the TCM Praxis of Petra and Frank Ochinero. As Frank and Petra continuously improve their skills in TCM their Praxis develops with them. In the wake of their unfolding offer, their website grows with them. With their highly customized and elegantly styled cms, they can quickly change edit or create content without being thwarted by restrictions in design, content positioning or styling.

Visit the website

Webshop: Lotus Needles

Simply Lotus

Lotus Needles is a business to business web shop. With a limited budget the investment is in the visitor that needs to do efficient shopping.

The design puts the emphasis on the quality of the products and visibility of information. Lotus has a solitary place in their market by virtue of default low profit offers for segments of it's body of clientèle. The modesty of visual design nicely underlines the role of Lotus needles as a service.

Visit the website

Health: Therapy center

Clarity of message

As a leading European educator of TCM, Chiway's Therapy Center offers TCM application to anyone that seeks healing or rebalancing of body and soul.

Visitors easily find the Chiway staff and team, applications and therapeutic possibilities, financial compensation, client protocols and
making appointements.

A delicate balance in text and illustrations makes the site as practical as it is pleasing to pay a visit.

Visit the website

Face lift: Conscious tv

Conscious designs

Ian and Renate McNay invited me to create some changes in the look and feel of their famous web site. What followed was not a full blown redesign but a substantial change of looks and a redo of the navigation/information structure.

Visit their website

Poetry: Anamika Borst

Leaving Wix while maintaining the looks.

Anamika's site promotes her poetry about 'life as it is' while the proceeds of her writing go entirely to charity. The website was built by a friend on the Wix platform but smooth looks and ease of D I Y meant paying for every little extra feature (like a mail box) and lack of self-management. It was time to use a different solution. Now, the complete looks are translated into the renowned bootstrap platform so that her site is easily displayed on any mobile device without loss of it's familiar identity. At the back end, all web site management is handled by a ModX cms. Anamika simply logs in via the website and makes all the desired changes in a truly easy to use, intuitive 'cockpit'.

Visit Anamika's website

Donation: Regaining Dignity

Transparency and needs

As a charity for poor and destitute women, the Old Age Home in Pondicherry is in constant need for funds. As their website did not communicate the required transparency for fund raising and did not express the actual needs, a new website was made. As we wanted to address English and Dutch speaking audiences, we created a multilingual website that inherently supports a blog for news, fundraising, reports and articles. The website is an ongoing donation from webcrafts to the foundation of regaining dignity.

Visit the website

E-learning: Chinese medicine

Learning without obstructions

On line learning and presentaton of study materials is found in the E-academy of Chiway. A forum and messaging system create unique ways of direct contact amongst- and between students and staff. Students can enjoy any kind of course material that can be displayed on a website, there are rating and submissions systems, tests and testing systems, classbooks and many ways to create and maintain courses through active developmnt and presentation. Teachers editors students and administrators are just one of the many customizable roles that allow specified access to various levels and sub levels of the platform.

Visit the website

As time progresses, initiatives stop or change their online activities. Many websites in the previous portfolio are either gone or not maintained by us anymore, luckily we saved many of the images so you can still get a visual idea of our previous web efforts contact us if you want to have a private view of of these materials.

Our previous portfolio is now off line


Our clients

Testimonials and Comments

  • Thank you, it's great how much of the work load is handled by the web site!

    Frank Ochinero - Staff officer at Wintertur
  • Our customers have complemented our homepage as:
    „one of the best ones out there they have seen in a long time“

    Petra Doerflinger - Owner TCM Praxis CH
  • Both your Crash Rescues saved two of our major clients and protected their business clientele.  Awesome!

    Mark Wijnands - Founder of Flipside Media Group
  • They deliver ahead of schedule and beyond our expectations

    P Gieltjes - CFO of Exset BV
  • The design is top notch and since Michiel has come on board the organic traffic to our site has multiplied and the functionality of our site is much easier

    Simon Becker CEO of Therapy Center Chiway AG
  • Since we have the new web site, the corporate image
    was strengthened, sales went up,
    and stayed up.

    Wim Anker - Director Anker Dakvensters
  • We feel very fortunate to have Webcrafts work for us

    Simon Becker - CEO Chiway Academy AG
  • My staff is impressed by Michiel's amazing versatility and competence

    AP PArker MD - Author of How to flirt with Girls

What About Us :)


Contrary to custom we will not try to convince you to strike a deal with us.
We are in the fortunate position where we see how great products and great service do our sales for us.
Yes, we are good at what we do and we advertise our style, our experience and our expertise but a substantial part of our success came through leaving old school protocols.  We are not at war with our competition and we do not care for tactics to create 'needs'.  

Instead we discovered standards that seemlesly pair with our qualities and our hard work. Think of wholeness, gratitude, trust and care to name a few.  Not idealist beliefs but principles that actually result in success when you apply them to your life and work.  Perhaps they work because they are more apt, more aligned with what people and the world really need.
If this is your cup of tea too, then there's a good chance we can do business together. If it is not, no biggie, just give us a call and discover what we can do for you!


Mobile First

We make all of our products mobile first which is not just about your site being responsive.

More and more, your conversion success hinges on how well you accomodate your mobile visitors. Google for instance, determines a good chunk of your site ranking by it's mobile friendliness.

The new consumers and employees are from a mobile oriented generation. This simple demographic fact (or factor) asks us to rethink our customer experience and to re-map the customer journey for mobile
visitors first.


Authentic Work

What we make has it's own perfume,
it's own fingerprint.

We feel that our originality is an invaluable asset. It is not something we do, it comes in the wake of how we work. We enjoy knowing that it will make you stand out in Google, in your market and for your
individual visitor.

>An authentic web presence can be achieved through even the most simple design and it will always strengthen your branding, free your communication and help you reach your goals.

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